Isenseven World Premiere Palooza on Oct. 2nd

The guys from Isenseven couldn't choose a better date to show everyone their new movie Teenage - Love - Graffiti, it's Wiesn in Munich, it's a long weekend cause of German Unification Day and yes, their is no reason for not going crazy!

Check their Homepage for more and don't be a bitch and miss their Love, Peace and Vollgas Premiere Tour next to you.

Did i mentioned that Sept/Oct is a strange time, when you are surfing and snowboarding?
On the one hand you want to go to the beach and hang out in the water, watching the Quik Pro, girls in bikinis and on the other you're getting prepared for the winter, checking the new stuff for 08/09, planing trips...does someone agree? Or is it my detox?
Bin it, i'm off to Freiburg for a weekend of mayhem, later!