Everyone's at certain stumbling blocks...

Very good Interview.
with CJ Hobgood from Surfline. These brothers are really pushing it! And again, interviews are only as good as the one who's is getting interviewed!

After my last Interview Link with A.I. he'd done a new one with Stab, interesting to see his answers now and then. He is still critical with Internet. It looks like it's a big issue for some, what's floating around in this digital toilet bowl.

As I said it before internet is one weird space for every dick who wants to say something (incl. me),
so again please think before you post or comment on something and avoid being one of these idiots! You don't know jack!

Sure I want the pros to do blogs and twitter and everything that helps them to promote and express themselves but reading things like that make me feel like: Am I part of these dbags that made them write this stuff? I don't want to and I would say fuck off, too if I'm in their position.

Okay last words on that issue, for me internet is just a new way of staying updated. I finished school with not using a single computer! Just monthly surfmags. There were no daily newspaper's about surfing or else. And now? Yes it's cool to read results, see webcast and know what's going down. I use it to stay in contact with friends, let them see stuff i found wasting my time here and keep them updated through this blog, facebook and whats coming up next.
I'm still torn between, there is no correct way i guess? Its like driving a car in Traffic: there are always enough jerks around to make it even worser, but you gotta stay cool or you get highway tourette!