Not so funny...

Jason Lee is on Scientology, everyone knows. he's co-owner of Stereo Skateboards too.
Steve Berra was married to Juliette Lewis which sister is married to Ethan Suplee, who is co-actor at "My Name Is Earl" with Jason Lee and both Lewis and Suplee are often seen at any kind of Berrics Vid or Berras Twitter, as Erika Christensen too.
Stereo Skateboards are very present on the Berrics website.
Janoski gets a "Text yoself beefo wreck yoself" 3 days before he announced to run for Nike SB, then Kosten goes to Nike SB. Kosten doing a trip to Europe with Ethan Suplee see his Twitter...and on and on!

You may think what you want but for me it's crystal clear, Berrics are Scientology!
So fuck off...keep your hands out of skateboarding!

E-Meter isn't bangin!