Peniche.way much better than it looks.right now!

I think there is no place in Europe where I had more good times then here, it was our every summer destination from when I was 17 till 21. Man I have tons of videos, photos and memories that remind me of it. Right now the WCT tries to catch up with it, vain! I've never seen a ASP year that sucked that much when it comes to wave quality than 2009!

Peniche is a awesome place! It's so wierd, you arrive there and sum things and people are straight stuck in the 60/70ies and they don't give a shit, the portuguese people are the friendlies I've met in Europe, together with the Irish. Peniche is pretty much a town were you can feel how surfing changes a whole town in the view on things, in positive and negative ways. I've got a chance to go there, don't miss it, especially in September!