There aren't too many non-pro surfing blogs in Europe that excite me as much as other from oz or the states do. I've posted them all. But why? I really have no clue!
One blog who impressively shows that it is possible to make a awesome surfing blog out of Europe is Le Petit Comité, even or maybe because it's not based in one of european surfing hot spots: the Côte d’Azur, around Marseille.

Surfing in the Mediterranean sea isn't that new, sure. But what you see is mostly Sardinia and some Breaks near Barcelona. I guess the group of friends behind Le Petit Comité is going to chance that soon:

"...We come from a part of France which can be fucking awesome with incredible but very fickle conditions. We wanted to turn the spotlights on this part of France but with a local point of view and without any stereotypes..."

Especially in France everything seems to be centralised around Hossegor. Why, when there is so much more to offer?

Now, all of this isn't enough to make a good blog or website. It's the people behind it, making a great mixture of their different interests and personalities coming together and creating a unique site you like to visit. That's what LPC is about. Go there:
[DSC_3570_779.JPG][2.jpg][DSC_5104_962.JPG][DSC_3048_620.JPG][DSC_4198-01.jpg][DSC_0916_887.JPG][DSC_4448_879.JPG][DSC_3798_1444_VIEILLE_1FEV09.JPG][DSC_4349_870.JPG] whats up!