I’m always painting, if a pen lies around near me, I automaticlly grab it and start to draw whatever comes to my mind. I always drew on everything, griptape, backpacks, walls, school tables and except of avoiding the trouble painting on someone else’s property it didn’t change. That’s why I love to see what’s new in Art/Design. I don’t look at it dead serious, just if I like it or how good the work is, compared to my skills and if the colors work good together. So here are a few artists I think they are worse a look.

Emily Forgot

image_thick_1image_musicquest4 selfridges_parade_dthe general_screen_print la_surprise_close

Sam Thomas, Sydney:

Sam-Thomas-Illustrations-6 Sam-Thomas-Illustrations-11

Sam-Thomas-Illustrations-8 Sam-Thomas-Illustrations-16 Sam-Thomas-Illustrations-5 Sam-Thomas-Illustrations-13 Sam-Thomas-Illustrations-14 Sam-Thomas-Illustrations-3 Sam-Thomas-Illustrations-2

Stefan Golz // WEMOTO

stefangolz-2010-artwork-4 stefangolz-2010-cube-t-shirt stefangolz-2010-t-shirt-sneakerness stefangolz-2010-graphic-vugoe2008

Michel Steele

Retro-humbThe-lions-den Submerge-(low) Totum-series build-Your-Own Baked-Series Phone-Home Urban-Rubble

I Make Things

12_swordincident 11_mountainguardian 15_valleyofgods 65_lazyoaf


eva hillreiner

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Daniel Schuessler:

Haus des Physikers-2009-50x60-lq Generalprobe(Kansas)-2009-80x100cm-hq Zwischenstation-Schüßler-2008-120x90cm-lq Silbersommer-2007-125x155cm-lq Dino-Blog

Esra Roise

snapshot7 bylarm-lp redshades


Matt Mignanelli :

mignanelli-trinity Mignanelli_continuityMignanelli_descend mignanelli-bricks mignanelli-structure

Micah Lidberg

Micah-Lidberg-Illustrations-5-600x878archive_katejungle nyt_keats_xl 4_xl Micah-Lidberg-Illustrations

Monsieur Qui