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If the Shorescrew is something new to you, you may have lived in the deepest russian forrest with not even a dial-up modem for the last ten years. If so, please stop reading this immediately! I don't want you to get frustrated or disturbed about other good things life has to offer.

No seriously, summer time is Shorescrew time and if you've ever been to Newport and you surf, it's quite impossible to get around them. I think they own this place, but in a positive way.

They make parties, they ride bikes to baseball games, they shoot photos, they are like the coolest community workers you'll ever meet. Or just call it "a gigantic peepshow of utter horror, but extraordinarily to the point." I'm reading their blog since ages, it was about time to appreciate this blog with a post.

Here are some random grabs, always good to put a smile in your face! And now have a great summer on your own, dipshit!