Desillusion - is latin and means the disappointing loss of a belief or an ideal, an act of disenchanting. Now this sounds a bit frustrating at first, but it is possible to turn this word into something positive. If you are thinking it in away of losing all norms and standards that dragged you down while you were in this Illusion. Without them you can think free, go diffrent ways and try something completely new. That is what happens when I first saw the homepage of the french based collective called Desillusion. And it happened again when they send me their last - No Balls - Issue which I read on my way to a 3 weeks trip to the Swiss Alps.
Not to many people around me buy Mags anymore, most of them prefer go online to see whats up. I still buy mags, they stash around every corner of my flat. So I'm aware of he current state of the art. Desillusion is different. Knowing their website gave me already a bit of an idea what to expect, but reading their mag in a train gave me the mixed feeling of reading a blog/magazine online in a newspaper format. Now this is Desillusion, all different, a intent for details and tons of things you sure will check out online for more info's.

But I really lost my belief after my non mag buying friends asked one after another if they can keep it after the trip.

Go on DSL Mag for your daily dose of "fuck yeah", but if you really want to know whats up: read their Issues.